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#356 Those Eyes

#356 Those Eyes published on 22 Comments on #356 Those Eyes

I decided to try something different while creating this page I worked on each panel by itself instead of all at once  two things happened . One IT gave me more focus , Two it took a much Longer time to finish the whole page which sounds bad but It wasnt really ( if that makes sense ). I know Some readers are Wondering When Knuckle Up will be updated again it will but I have a Ton on my plate with this whole move and Tony has a full plate as well , So I  decided to wait till I get to the other side and settled then I will Update regularly again.


Shhh! Peter and Whitney is on tv!!

Well, I can see Nick’s point of view that the additional stress could’ve been bad for Liona and their kid; however, couldn’t it be choked up to hormones or something? I mean, was it really that bad?

But that aside, I must say that I wasn’t expecting those evil eyes from their mother. Seriously, those eyes are just brimming with motherly affectionate rage! Hm…now that I think about it, each eye here represents some emotional spectrum from naivety cute to furious to rage.

Either way, Nick is putting his twin sister in the dog house…and not in the nice way. XD

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