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first panel >.> shes like… super fricking adorable puppy ninja

Like I’ve said before up until recently we have never noticed how Sexy Yuri is until someone gets her, also very nice to see their mother once again now we know where they get their looks from XD

Better emjoy your last Eggos…since it’ll be your last. Or at least when Yuri can move again.
Also, does anyone find this page strange? When Yuri was taking a bite before Nick showed up, she was blushing.Was she embarrassed or something? Didn’t seem all that embarrassed or blushing when she bought Mitzu. Maybe Yuri is embarrassed to admit it to her mom her bringing Kai over? What you guys think?

Why do I get the feeling that when this is all said in done, Yuri is so going to the dog house? Based on how Nick looks, I suspect that he was in the dog house last night too. XD
I’m just curious why Yuri is putting Nick through all this. Granted that she is a little bit of an air head, one would think that Yuri isn’t that completely oblivious to the entirety of Nick’s situation, given that they do share that whole twin connection and what not (I say that as they do look awfully similar compared to anyone else.
Also, nice touch making her outfit match the Rascals’s logo and on the whole heart shaped keyhole in the last panel there @Mastergodai !

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