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Revy is just enjoying the show.
Good thing Liona isn’t like Chrissy, I was afraid she was gonna go Crouching Tiger on Nick. You guys think Chrissy should be more like Liona?

Dude Chrissy has become better than before she isn’t the distrustful Ditzy girl that jumped to conclusions like before she has matured over time and Quick has made her believe in him that he will not two time her unlike other guys, it just took a while to get to that point tho

Yes, yes I know that and I’m glad she’s matured. I do not mean be like Liona as in more trusting but rather learning to be more fun. I admit amazed at how Liona handled the situations in this chapter, from the ex-girlfriends to the parents to the sisters, and she had fun with it. I then thought Chrissy and thought the she can go with the flow or have fun with it. Last chapter, she was nervous and a little up tight. Even Amanda tried to get her to loosen up. That’s what I mean.

Kai is pretty much the equivalent of Reiko when it comes to invading personal space and being “playful.” XD
But I must say that this was rather a cute and touching page here that highlighted these two and their relationship. Not to mention that I got a giggle in Panel Three with Revy and Kai spying on them and complimenting Liona’s hotness!
I just feel bad for Nick as she’s pretty much caught between a rock and a hard place. Regardless of who he picks, he’s going to hurt one of these lovely ladies. Unless…I do have one idea. Perhaps they can tag team Nick and make a dog sandwich. That way, they can both fool around and see who is the better one…IN BED! XD

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