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Kai, Hamada Kaiju I remember her…one of Reiko’s rival from the academy! I wonder if she’s gonna show up in this chapter at some point…

Yeah…Liona is so going to have to deal with so much crazy in Nick’s family. It does beg the question as to why Nick himself isn’t so crazy himself. Then again, I’m trying to figure out if that Gnaw 4 McGraw is some kind of innuendo. God…marketing can be so weird sometimes.

Forgive me for asking this but what is the REAL joke here? Nicks dad giving him a hard time by blurting out in front of Liona about some kind of arrange marriage to Kai or is it to give them both a scare of disapprovment of the couples relationship AND situation but really wanted Lionas autograph since he is her biggest fan. Also, how and why is he a fan of her? Her talents or something else?

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