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#348 Daddy’s Home

#348 Daddy’s Home published on 24 Comments on #348 Daddy’s Home

hehe Poor Liona

Welp looks like I’ll be Moving Back to Florida next year . My In laws have been taking care of my wife’s grandparents and My Mom in law needs her help now because other family members are too selfish to help . For some reason I’m not too mad about it and I don’t know why I guess because things I planned to do when I moved out here didn’t really plan out like I visioned it . Oh well just gotta move on .till next week guys .


I really hate to be that guy, but it is “bring your little friend.” What was used was the “you are” variant.

meh im not scared

Because obviously that’s not you he’s calling with such a hard tone of voice, now to see what type of man rules that household

still im not scared for i seen things more scary then him

like seeing god looking hairy in women’s lingerie.

no thats in my gross and weird list but a powerful goddess like woman getting dumped by her lover scares me for they could either emit a super nova like aura while talking in a godlike yet demon tone, sent you to the sun the moment you blink or worse going mood swing molly *shudder* trust me i seen it happen it wasn’t pretty it would make you want to rather fight a army of 985,867,399 demon lords blindfolded and with you right hand tied behind your back then see something like that

Why do I get the feeling that Nick’s dad is either going to (1) pound his rear for getting a woman out of wedlock and without his approval (I’m guessing family secrets/techniques or something being passed down and (2) verbally abuse him for disappointing him for not following in his footsteps? I wonder if Nick’s dropping out somehow fueled both his sisters to rebel against their dad. Also, I can’t tell if they’re trying to help or hurt Lionna with that advice.

My guess is, that when Nick and Leona sit down in the room and his father’s back facing them, slowly turns around in a dramatic fashion with his hands holding…a tray with a platter of cookies and tea served in ceramic cups. I think his father will be filled with glee about becoming a grandfather, given the lack of progress with Nick’s sisters.

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