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My oh my, Poor Nick. I’m glad, that’s not my family. He has to deal with them. I feel sorry for him. One sister dropped out Ninja School. The other used to be in jail, now is a cop(Project Zero). Then we have the failed actress. This is interesting and so much eventful.

OMGG! Your’e right! Sunny is related to Nick! It makes perfect sense now! It would explain why they all have dog-like tendencies! :sunnyAmaze:

But hold up, if all the female characters in the Las Lindas universe were male, wouldn’t that make Sunny a male too? :shySunny:

I’m curious how all the eyes are different. I thought they would at least match the mother or father. I feel like there’s going to be a rainbow effect going on here.

i dunno if you’ll see this author. but besides the las lindas sunny, thats the only easter egg i noticed? unless ya meant the ‘nick the dick’ but i don’t get that one.

Actually, in the previous arc, Chrissy and company visited a strip bar in which every character in the bar was a R34 of characters from Las Lindas.

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