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Didn’t see this one coming.



PROJECT ZERO OCCURS IN THE SAME UNIVERSE!!!! So this is a world not only with ninja’s, but cyborgs, highly advanced weapons, and woman who despite being the sexiest beings alive, can still kill you with just one hand. I am now equal parts scared, intrigued, and many more emotions… seriously, this is getting confusing… what year is it in there world!?!

By the fact, that Chrissy is a friend of PZ main character, already says that they were in same universe.

I have the feeling that there going be lot of back stories to this now.

Understatement! I mean who would have thought that Rev was actually Nick’s 2nd sister which makes one wonder is she older sister or not just due to her growth (bazoom amazoness type look)

I can see the older characters not being seen as much the younger characters in this story timeline. So yeah this is going one those stories that side stories tells us what happen before then it adds up to this story setup with other side characters.

So that’s Nick’s mom. I must say that I didn’t see her being a red hair or the fact that she has a beauty mark right below her left eye. And, based on where they’re at now (Reiko’s hometown), I’m under the same impression as @Chaos Sepher that she does mean a ninja team. And yeah…judging from his expression, I guess there’s going to be some bad blood that Liona is about to witness first hand between Nick and Revy.

You know, I’m just going to throw this one out here, but does anyone else notice that Nick is kind of the only child in the family that followed some kind of good path. I mean, Revy is a criminal and Yuri is kind of an evil ninja since she went to that rival school. Then again, I’m getting the feeling probably won’t be that well liked considering he did knock up a celebrity.

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