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Maybe there should be a competition as to what Liona and Nic’s child will look like. An ocelot and a canine mix could result in some amusing markings and physical characteristics.

Um, Godai, shouldn’t it be “I got over Nick a long time ago” Or “I’ve been over Nick for a long time now”? You kinda pulled a Captain Qwark here, and anyone who’s seen the Ratchet and Clank Movie will know what I’m talking about

Oh thank goodness. For a second there, I thought Mitzu was going to pull a Chrissy with the DRAMA!!! XD

Although, based on Nick’s expression, he appears kind of sad that it wasn’t about him this time around. I wonder if Liona will call Nick out on that later. Then again, I’m actually surprised that Mitzu is such a Liona fan. I haven’t seen any woman excited about meeting a celebrity than Reiko when she met Issy.

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