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#343 Late PickUp

#343 Late PickUp published on 29 Comments on #343 Late PickUp

Late indeed , As many of you know My hard  drive took a suicide bomb on Thursday Good thing I caught a sale on a SSD in time so I spent most of the time Friday Reinstalling most of the Programs that I lost . and Trying to find a way if I can access my Old Drive for some files that were on my Desktop  ( a few WIP Comms)  Enjoy the new page folks .

Also if your in the Orlando Area next week attending MegaCon Nekonny and I will be there at Tables A99 and A101 so stop by and say Hi If you can XD .



They have steven universe in rascals world?

Rascals is the man storyline, Goyoku is before Rascals, Project Zero ls a bit before and during Rascals so they are one same univerae. KnuckleUp is a show in the Rascals universe but can be counted as it’s own universe. Chitsu is just for for fun like The Cross Time Cafe but can be counted as it’s own universe. That answer your question?

He was referring to Leona’s shirt, pink-ish with a bright yellow star, which is the same shirt worn by the titular character of the (Amazing) Cartoon Network show “Steven Universe”

Oh wow….
Tirst off I think there’s a typo but no big deal.
Second, that’s Nicks sister alright but this is a first I dee her eye color since they were closed last time.
Third, what was her last job AND how she get fired? Bodyguard with active imagunation? Any ideas on what her last job was? I say bodyguard/escort like Lyn from Our World.
Finally, rabid fans? Liona is a star but are there really crazed fans or is that little sister playing? I hope she doesn’t do anything crazy…

Well, now… Here’s someone I haven’t seen since Goyoku. I know Nick wasn’t able to graduate, but why do I have the feeling Yuriko hasn’t been having better luck?

Maybe because Goyoku portrayed her as being a slight bit of an airhead? Although here it feels like she’s maybe past that stage.

Hold on a second, MAYBE she did graduate. Granted she’s a Airhead and a bit off, most of the students and masters in Goyoko are all a bit offf. No need to name a few since we know them already. We can’t say she didn’t graduate cause she was off, but we CAN say she can’t hold down a job due to her over reacting imagination right?

It’s safe to say.

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