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Ah, yes, the “meet the parents” scenario. Turning SO’s into nervous wrecks since time immemorial. And with the “baby on the way” expansion pack! Trying to get the whole bundle, Nick?

It’s always fun to trade one hilariously awkward situation for another. Lemme have it, I need to smile again.

We all seen the meet the folks scenerio but this is a fist where we srr the couple meeting the parents AND expecting a baby. Something Quick and Chrissy will soon do hopefully. Either way, Liona and Nick will be great parents and a good influence on the others how to commit to each other. Especially tkye hrissy & Quick, Slye & Rei. You guys agree?

We usually get shots and views of massive cleavage and other boob-related content. But for me, I’d like to see the growing baby belly. I mean the way she’s resting her hand on it, I get the feeling it’s already pretty big.

But that’s just my hope. <3

Great comic so far Godai! Keep up the awesome work!

Dang! How long has it been since we’ve last seen Liona? She looks like she’s in her second going into third trimester with those massive jugs and baby belly. It’s also nice yet funny to see Nick act so overly concern for Liona’s safety. In a way, it’s kind of ironic if one thinks about it considering that he’s a body guard trying to protect Liona from her own body

Your grammar is completely elementary here dear authour. It’s “shouldn’t’ve” which is short for “shouldn’t have.” No one says “shouldn’t of except” for those that weren’t properly taught this in
School. Try googling it and you’ll see this is an improper mistake that people completely mistake. It always makes me roll my eyes when I see people saying “shouldn’t of” instead or “shouldn’t have.”

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