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First…take pictures XD

Ah beat me to it……well played >;3

Don’t forget to disable the flash on the camera though, Quick. Then take pictures, THEN you can make yourself scarce for a bit and give the girls a chance to figure things out while sober. If you are lucky, they will announce an enticingly sexy new arrangement you will have a chance to accept or decline. If not, you will most likely find them unwilling to say anything further about it and it will become “The incident we do not speak of ever again.” Either way, time’s a wastin’ bud!

Quick if common sense dictates take off while you’re able to and later come back to sort things out, because you can’t possibly deal with all 3 at once

Yep, it’s best to take off.

Well lets see, one is an ex lady that tried to force herself onto him, another slapped him litterally into the next morning, and the last is his current girl friend who has trust issues. All three are attracted to him and he knows it. the only slight positive is that they are all half dressed, cuddlign eachother, and HE is still fully clothed.

Option 3…… the smex!!!!

Make breakfast, it’d be safer and as the girls are eating THEN you could run

Seeing this page, I think some are now convicted the girls DID decide on open relationship. I think not. I believe they decided to do some sort of intervention with Quick. Forcing him to confess his true thoughts and feelings towards Chrissy, Jazmin, and Raven as the three do the same to confess theirs. Quick is gonna be pushed to making a decision on who he wants to be with, but I don’t don’t think he wants to do that since he doesn’t want to hurt anyone else. This’ll push him over the edge to where he would want a “break”. You guys agree?

Nah. Chrissy and Jazmin drunkenly discussed how an open relation would be easier, and Ravin drunkenly jumped the gun. There was no agreement to actually do it. However … The question is: What will they conclude from blurred memories on waking up like this?

True but Reiko will remind them. Besides Quick wouldn’t allow an open relationship. Regardless, we w)on know for awhile until after Lionas arc is finished. I bet $20 that Jake will propose to Liona. Heads up people but I think we are gonna see a time jump in a few arcs.

Bzzzt Wrong!!!! Quick does Not have to choose between them because of the fact that he struggled long and hard to earn Chrissy’s trust back if you remember back a while when the 2 of them were alone he hinted to Chrissy “sometimes it’s good to get in the way”
After that Chrissy came to her full decision to get back together with Quick. The reason Jazmin got involved with him was partially due to her mother’s involvement along with Quick’s parents wanting to have a predetermined marriage to continue the family on Jazmin ‘s family line, in which Mrs Kyoko Asahi (Rei/Jaz’s mom) has met Quick and likes him for who he is not because of the family agreement so she is not pressuring Quick to choose her daughter
But to do what he feels is right, in which she likes him as a son so to speak.
Raven’s case was just a jealous fit she had when she met Quick and thought he was available for a relationship when he didn’t make himself clear with her and became a bad girl until her n Chrissy sorted their feelings out n became friends, end of recap/summary

Damn, sorry Blackwind. My reply was meant for Greyman. My screen jumped down a comment while loading. And you are right about the girls cases. We all know that he loves Chrissy and wants to be with her. Tried to propose during that baby misunderstanding. Still, he doesn’t want to hurt Jazmin heart or Chrissy if the two DID decide open relationship is easier. It is but it’s wrong and Quick knows it despite the temptation.

What you’re GOING to do, Quick, is stay right the fuck there and don’t even THINK about running away from the three sexy ladies who are practically sleeping in your lap.

You are GOING to have an epic foursome with them.

You are GOING to agree to date all three of those girls so that all of this jealous and lonely bullshit comes to an END.

You are GOING to make them ALL your girlfriends.

You are GOING to consequently make Skye and Ravin weep with envy and fierce pride in you.


I thought it couldn’t get any better than Jazmin AND Chrissy sharing you, Quick. But now even RAVEN is going to share you as well?!

DON’T fuck this up. Don’t you DARE fuck this up. I WON’T ALLOW YOU TO FUCK THIS UP, BOURNE!!

Woah-woah, calm your tits, bro! :u


I’ve waited WAY too long for Quick to finally reach some sort of equilibrium in his relationships with Chrissy, Jazmin, and Raven.

I am NOT about to watch him go yet again into “indecisive pussy” mode and cock up everything when he’s so close to a perfect, balanced relationship with all three of those girls.

Okay…is anyone else curious as to how all three women ended up in their undies and sleeping in Quick’s bed? I’m just saying that perhaps they found another way to– :steamedChrissy: :killerJazmin: :furyRaven:

No but seriously, if it were me, I would make breakfast; however, before doing so, I would carry Chrissy in that cliche prince rescuing the princess and place her on the couch in the living room. That way, he can score some major points with her later. That way too, Jazmin would think she did to Raven what she did to Reiko. :amazeJazmin: :amazeRaven: :heartReiko: Despite all his fantasies of an orgy, I really do suspect that Quick isn’t that type of guy. I suspect that he’ll choose Chrissy way before any of those other women. :heartChrissy: :happyQuick: If not, he could always make them wear that Slave outfit and play Jaba the Hut :pointsChrissy: :dropJazmin: :dropRaven: :happyQuick:

Take a picture first, then make breakfast, preferably pancakes or waffles, get coffee for the mouse, milk for the cat, and some herbal tea for the bunny. And make sure to supply plenty of maple syrup and Tylenol.

I thought Chrissy was a cat, too. Turns out she’s really a civet.

i think best course for action for best outcome in the morning would be make everyone breakfast :3 lots of bacon and eggs, and just sit back and wait for explanations. because we are always better when well fed and satisfied by the one who is the center of the troubles

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