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Commander Quick has been overtaken by the sexy drunk
Requesting backup

Rodger sending back up ETA 3 mins

He doesn’t have 3 minutes!! Send back up now damn it , now

hey the closest military unit i know is in next solar system and they get there in 3 mins by teleporters my other military forces are in other dimensions and it would of taken them 5 mins to get there i could go myself which could take eta 1 min but i have my hands full here

oh you know stopping a army of 873,459,000 demons from invading one of many dimensions *dodges a attack and swings great sword beheading the demon* and also fact most off my forces are also here we manage to slay about 50% of the forces just need to hold our ground long enough if my powers wasn’t restraint i would *hears something shatter and looks and see’s the seal that was on his arm get destroyed which in turn caused everyone there to stop and some of the demons began to sweat in fear* well look at that *smirks and emits a powerful golden aura while radiating a huge amount of power* seems that seal that was restraining most of my powers broke now i can kill these demons 10 seconds flat max and get to save quick in 5 seconds so stall her for 15-25 seconds and ill be able teleport quick out of there fast *charges at super sonic speed and begins killing all demons*

Either quick gets a last minuet save or a really hot wake up call.

He’s still out of it from that smack Jazmin gave him.


Well Jazmin ‘s “beat downs” are quite potent knock out skills so he’s been out for hours hopefully not coming to any time soon, but once Chrissy is sobered up and sees his condition I wouldn’t want to be Jazmin after putting the hurt on him

Is it me or is Raven more devious when drunk? And man Jazmin has a temper! Still out from earlier and looks like Chrissy will be pulled back into the jealous hate game. Barely started maturing and growing up too! Unless….
Jazmin and Chrissy really did agree on the open relationship thing. I hope not. That’ll hurt more hearts and Quick doesn’t want that. You guys agree?

definitely seems that way to me, first she steals Chrissy’s car and now she’s about to rape her boyfriend, then again they say your more yourself when drunk. so who knows?

You know, now that you mentioned it she has done this befotr. Renenber?
Or tried yet Quick escaped.

I don’t remember it off the top of my head but it wouldn’t surprise me
what page number was it?

There is no fun when the person you want to get “busy” with is unresponsive, it kinda turns into a mood killer unless she is into strange fetishes similar to (necrophilia getting it on with a dead body) just to get her kicks n move on afterwards

So she heard about the plan to share a certain guy she has always had a thing for, and figured she’d make the first grab? Hope Quickster can keep hydrated, because he’s about to experience death by snu-snu from multiple sources. He’s gonna be one busy squirrel!

hmm i dont know why but throughout this story… one girl has stuck out to me as adorable and awesome… i mean i like all of them but i personally think Jazmin is the best in this…. she is amazing :3

Jazmin has been renowned for getting drunk very easily on the least amount of liquor she is intolerant to “hentai” shenanigans done mostly by her sister and has a proud type personality that she is often teased for yet she tries too hard to “fit in” to the others group that she ends up getting in awkward situations and moments, there fore a victim of circumstances, and now her “spontaneous” love interest in Quick is suddenly throwing her off her “game” Wether she has true feelings for Quick knowing that he loves Chrissy the most is kinda distressing
And in all honesty that drunken agreement to both date him will complicate things in the long run. And that’s my 2 cents worth of this

i understand that but she just seems more of a complex girl than the rest and the love issue causes a lot of mental drama because being interested in someone that is with another is always a difficult situation. anyway i dont disagree with you i just adore Jazmin ^-^

I don’t think the love issue just causes mental stress. I think it also has to do with her family. Remember Skye telling Izzy that Reiko turned him down on his proposal to avoid her family curse upon Skye. Jazmin must know it yet she constantly meets her family’s expectations, which are very high to carry the pride and family name, where as Retro duesnt care. Quick made Jazmin realize she was truly happy and doesn’t need to meet Quick expectations when she’s with him. Do you agree?

Nothing wrong with that, but it still feels so sudden because as you know she didn’t want to give Quick the time of day, evidently since their last “drunken” encounter after she sobered up (n stole a kiss from Quick )
She’s been slightly interested in him that she has kinda opened up to him slightly but still remains firm around him, mixed feelings per say

Wait a minute how did Raven find Quick? I thought h was at Jazmin place, the estate, or whatever you call it. Did Jazmin carry him all the way back to his apartment?

I’m just curious to know how many crimes Raven committed today. Counting from what we’ve seen, I would say…
Drunk Driving
Public Indecency
Sexual Harassment
Same Assault
About four I say.

Oh no… This can’t end well.
Or will it? I’m just saying that all the women want some of Quick’s Nutmeg/Nutella spread.
Yep, it won’t be too long before he finally forms his own harem.

Well, considering this is the second time that Jazmin slapped Quick, I would wager somewhere between a massive b**** slap and an epiccally severe spanking slap!

But in all due seriousness, I know that everyone here is either for Team Chrissy or Team Jazmin or Team Raven, but I’m just curious to know what Quick wants. It just seems like he kind of wants his cake and eat it too.

now what woudl be funny would be to see her pass out hugging the knocked out Quick like one of those full body pillows. Then ya can rush in and see mostly nude Raven hugging a completely dressed Quick. XD
then leading to Quick waking up fully dressed surrounded by three women in variouse states of undress… and a very happy Reiko eager to mess with and tease him mercilessly.

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