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Well Godai if you need the time to finish owed commissions that people have payed for go ahead and take the time after all it’s kind of your job right?
Don’t worry we can wait. Right everybody?

I’m still looking forward to them having this conversation while sober. I’m sure lots of ideas sound good when you’re so drunk you couldn’t find your ass with both hands.

And if they STILL decide to go forward with it, hoooboy, is Quickster going to have one helluva surprise.

So the two girls are going through with a shared, open relationship with Quick? Or am I mistaken?

Just speculation for now remember they’re still plastered

Looks like Raven is a pickpocket and picked the keys out of Chrissy’s bra while hugging her a few pages ago. Also, is it them talking or the drink talking? An open relationship with Quick? Call me crazy but isn’t he trying to avoid that despite his fantasy? I wonder what they agreed on, and if it is an open telationship, Quick wouldn’t allow it for he doesn’t want to hurt anyone else’s heart and he would feel guilty about it. You guys agree?

I agree. And even though he does like Jazmin, he did make it clear that he loves Chrissy more. No matter how crazy his dreams are, he wouldn’t risk hurting them… or risk them hurting him more.

Hmmm… I wonder if he has woken up from his coma yet. Or perhaps he’s having yet another wild fantasy.

With all the beatings he gets it should be easier to heal and wake up with each beating. Remember Jazmin breaking his hands after the beach before his first kiss? Pretty quick healer. Heh heh “Quick”…
Oh yeah, and the time Chrissy all drunk broke his nuts with her knee? Damn, he get physical AND mental beatings!

Hey why not hold another session of posting our Fan art of your characters with our own like last time?
It can give you the proper time to catch up on your commissions and gives us a chance to “show off what’ we got you agree on this Godaikun?

Well this can only end well.

I think Reiko needs to go ninja tlto prevent Raven from crashing. Or avoid the law.
The law….. j wonder if we will see Chrissy’s police cousin again from Project Zero 6. She showed up a few times before remember? Anyone agree “rhe Law” will show up and be shocked to find her cousin drunk? Let me know

Okay, is it me or does Chrissy to get herself undressed whenever she has one too many drinks? Seriously, I haven’t seen this happen since she tried to get Quick into bed.

And I was guessing that Reiko would be suggesting the open relationship idea after all. Perhaps Quick will be able to have his cake and eat it too…on their massive butt-fets. XD

If I were a betting man, Raven heard all this and was thinking about grabbing Quick first. In either case, that is SO RAVEN! XD

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