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I believe Quick would be turned to dust. XD

Perhaps but do not underestimate the power of the under dog nerd he may surprise people (like in a certain non canon piece XD)

“The rumors ARE true!”

Quick destroyed HER on that one. XD

Oh boy….
Okay on a serious note, we all know Rei can fool around a lot and messes with so many people, including Jazmin and Chrissy. Aside from that, she nas a good heart and can be serious enough to help out. I believe Rei is going to be serious to help Jazmin and the the rest get home. But first she wants some straight out info on why those two are head over heels for him. Raven already shared so now it’s their turn. A rare moment to see Rei serious to help. You guys agree?

Well, Rei is the psycho bang-bunny, not to mention shes frequently with Skye, whom we all know packs heat on a scale we dare not ask of. So not only would she annihilate poor Quick, she probably wouldn’t be satisfied.

It may be me, but I swear that Chrissy’s expression in the last panel is more flirtatious towards Reiko than anything else. It’s almost as if she’s coming on to Reiko. :heartChrissy: :heartReiko:

[QUOTE=”Nixie, post: 213004, member: 407″]Yeeeeeah, she WOULD destroy him…[/QUOTE]

On the bright side, Quick would die a happy death at the hands of Reiko’s Snu Snu. Or should I say hips instead? :winkReiko: :shockedQuick:

Well at least Rei is being honest thought I don’t think Quick would mind dying happy.

Dude if Quick handled Liona way back and you’ve seen how big Liona is he shouldn’t have much problem with Rei X3

I just realized something. You think Skye would take this chance to jump Chrissy?

I doubt it, We’ve seen before, Skye’s kind of a one-woman man, and I doubt he’d sleep with another woman without Reiko’s permission. Remember Reiko’s recent lesbian fun? Skye was mad he couldn’t watch, not that he couldn’t join. He was also the one who proposed going steady to Reiko.

Its horrible i am mor curious about what she was going to ask
than to see her reaction about boning quick, or upon hearing them talk about an open realtionship

I bet she was gonna sk them if they thought about an open realationship though. like she has

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