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Welp… This is getting interesting… I’m guessing there is going to be a separation between Quick and Chrissy… T^T god damn. At least Jazmine is talking to Chrissy instead of Reiko. Reiko would have made things a lot more worst.

“I’m guessing there is going to be a separation between Quick and Chrissy”

BLASPHEMY!! Take that back at once, you heretic! >:C

Was she expecting a different reaction?

Okay, these are the individual reactions I had when I read this page:

Panel 1:
@Chrissy: Jesus, Chrissy, can’t you at least wait for an explanation before you start going into paranoid mode?
@Jazmin: And when it comes to being up-front with things like this, Jazmin, you have all the delicateness of a stack of dynamite. So let’s not be pointing fingers.

Panel 2:
I’ve said this once before, and I’ll say it again: YOU GIRLS… NEED… TO… JUST… F**KING… SHARE HIM!! #HaremArrangementFTW

Panel 3:
0_0 …Who are you and what did you do with Chrissy?

Panel 4:
PFFFFT-HAHAHAHAHAHA!! Totally called it!


*grabs a desk lamp and shines it in Chrissy’s face*

Don’t play dumb with us, lady! WHERE IS THE REAL CHRISSY McCLOUD?!

Wow. Jazmin said all that with a straight normal unembaressed face. I expected a different reaction.
True on that imposter moment. haha

Quick has inadvendantly inserted the idea of the 3 of them into her mind now. Given what the sister said, perhaps Quick

What’s the matter, Jaz? Don’t you like the new Chrissy? She traded in her paranoia for some maturity. Not a bad deal, if you ask me.

You’re both right having Chrissy being more mature rather than jumping the gun into a drama queen is quite the change she has done.
Meaning that Quick means a lot to her and she now trusts him more unlike her peers always poking fun at her to see how she reacts

I don’t know why, but Chrissy looks like she’s saying…
:shyChrissy: Please don’t spank my fine assets Jazmin-senpai.
:pointsJazmin: Wait…
:dropJazmin: What…?

But seriously though, I suspect that Chrissy did some growing up here and realized that she might have been acting like a semi-version of Mandy.

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