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Damn Reiko, you could’ve let Jazmin handle it on her own. Jazmin, just tell it like it is. You two tried to practice and Quick was dehydrated, nearly had heat stroke and collapsed.

That may come up but only if Jaz n Chrissy are alone elsewhere cause with Rei there things will get mistaken quickly

Everybody in this comment section bitching and saying “BAWWW STOP MAKING IT WORSE REIKO”, stop it.

With a sensitive subject like Quick and Chrissy’s relationship, Jazmin (who, frankly, kind of sucks at being honest when the truth implies embarrassing things about her) would’ve likely tried to tiptoe around the subject of her incident with Quick in the mountains. The more she tried to avoid Chrissy’s inquiry, the more suspicious she would appear to Chrissy. Then when the truth finally came out, Chrissy (given her history with relationships, her history with Quick in particular, and her tendency to jump to conclusions) would’ve likely jumped to the assumption that Quick and Jazmin had some kind of affair, she’d be less likely to believe the truth when they told it to her, and then the sh*t would hit the fan for Quick and Chrissy’s relationship all over again.

By slamming the topic down on the table right from the get-go, Reiko is forcing Jazmin to immediately explain what happened in the mountains to Chrissy, who is more likely to believe the facts and be more understanding in her current, un-agitated state of mind.

Reiko’s not making things worse. She’s KEEPING things from getting worse.

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