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for some reason i’m thinking Chrissy is about to be dragged back inside… XD

Jasmine just sold you out… Yes yes yes indeed.

Okay, it’s time to do the math!
Take one Reiko, plus one boozed-up Raven, add one kicking and screaming Chrissy. Stir everything inside one restaurant filled with extra-beefy hunks.
What does it add up to? One incredibly long night for Chrissy!

Oh, what a night…!

Also i wonder what will happen when Quick wakes up lol

Nevermind that it’s more like how will Chrissy explain this situation without it going out of control

When Quill wakes up!? Shouldn’t we be wondering what he’s dreaming about this time? I mean, he’s already had two crazy dreams so far. And you know the old saying… “Third time’s the charm!” *_^

What an unexpected way for the night to go with 1st Chrissy running into a drunken Raven to now Running into Rei n Jaz outside a male strip club in which the questions are gonna fly big time and she has little answers to come up with, talk about being overwhelmed

There will be no questions, my friend. It’s Reiko we’re talking about, no matter what will you say, if she got some headcanon about you, she’ll keep it that way. :p
No matter how Jaz tried to explain to Rei that there was nothing between her and Quick, at their training, she barely believed to her little sis, because she know that Jaz has hots for him. But she only gave Jaz credit to explain, because they’re sisters.
Now do you think she’ll really believe that Chrissy got to Los Lindos by “accident” or against her own will~? >;p
Reiko now has an image about Chrissy and it’ll follow poor kitten for the whole life. Rei won’t forget about it for sure. ;3

Actually she might tease her about it but won’t hold it against her as I don’t think she’d want to ruin the relationship over some “girl time” when clearly she knows Quick is always tempted by all the babe’s he gets to take pics of but never makes a move he got eyes for her only

Okay, I may be misreading this page, but is it me or does Amanda look awe struck at Reiko here? Does…does she have feelings for Reiko? Doe she swing for the same team?

Poor Raven…she always says something she doesn’t mean when drunk.

Probably surprised to see another girl her age having just about her same physique thinking that in her town she was the Hot gal that not everyone could have but here is another gal that if she were in her town would probably give her some competition or “dethrone ” her “Queen” status

i cant tell wich part of this im more interested in,
her sudden change in personality upon bumping into Reiko. though im sure most of it is like Reiko said about being left weak kneed
or the incoming possible storm of drama with jaz as the center between quick and chrissy

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