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Oh god! I don’t know if I should be laughing or disturbed!!

and add another to the exception rule…

What exception? Rule 63? That’s no exception, that’s a law of the Internet!

I feel so many kinds of wrong right now!! First a male Alejandra and now a male Taffy!!?

Male Taffy = Hot Toffee? ^.^

Again with Cody! Seriously, those two just need to let it go. And why is Chrissy so cross about it again? She has Quick after all.

*Looks at Rule 63 Taffy.*

It takes a strong man to wear pink. THERE! I said it!

But I’m curious to know what Raven is doing here.

Master Godai I remained silent until now okay Alej I will tollerate being changed in your universe but my Taffy! you sir have drawn the line >:(

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