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“Don’t call my name

Don’t call my name, Alejandro

I’m not your babe

I’m not your babe, Fernando

Don’t wanna kiss, don’t wanna touch

Just smoke my cigarette and hush

Don’t call my name

Don’t call my name, Roberto









Stop, please,

Just let me go Alejandro,

Just let me go”

There! Now I took your spot for Hell!

And we have rule 63….

Refresh my memory, please… What is Rule 63?

If there’s a male/female character, there is a a gender flipped version of them somewhere on the net.

Ah, I see… Like Loki of Marvel Comics. Thank you kindly. So, with that in mind… I’ll stick with this one.

That’s not what happened, female Loki is post Ragnarok Loki, Loki causes a false version of Ragnarok to occur which causes all the gods to be reborn and Loki is reborn as a female and despite still being the god of lies, uses those lies for good or tries to anyway.

He…he isn’t wearing anything south of the equator is he? GODAI!!!!XD
But in all due seriousness, is it just me or is everyone trying to get Chrissy laid? I mean, perhaps those two should learn to settle down.

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