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Dear lord how do Chrissy and Quick end up in these situations? One thing for sure they’ll both do something they’ll regret. Quick with Jazmin and Chrissy at Los Lindas. Oh the irony and humor!! Any bets on both or one of them havinG a bad ending?

for some reason i’m thinking Josh is going to be there working as a dancer for some reason. Rei will call Chrissy to tell her what happened between Quick and Jasmine, but due to loud music the full conversation won’t be heard and Chrissy will only hear something bad, and since Josh is there she’ll ask for a lap dance, only she’ll be the one giving it…and she’ll give him a happy ending 😮

I suspect that one of two things will happen…
(1) We are going to see Rule 63 versions of all the Las Lindas women.
(2) We are going to see all the Las Lindas men in European cut style swimwear.

Either way, there is going to be a ton of beefcake!

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