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And then…he died of embarassment

Oh god, that’s hilariously disturbing! XD
Poor Quick, he’s never going to catch a break, isn’t he? :p

Let’s face it… If not for her mother’s school, Jazmin would have no qualms whatsoever joining a nunnery.

Although… I can see her looking awesome in a Japanese priestess outfit (like the one Kikyo from Inu-Yasha wears).

you’re wrong though. She likes Quick, it’s just that Quick has Chrissy around him.

This leads to some drama and harem thoughts. which is kind of cute but sucks for Jazmin… 🙁

I mean, when a guy makes a “harem” in this case and it’s not centered around his lower regions then It’s not bad… It’s kind of cool >.>
I mean, Jaz loves Quick, Chrissy loves Quick, and I really don’t want some REALLY stupid drama thing to ruin that.


Oh my… Me thinks he may or may not have been talking out loud for that one.. Aaahh Quick.. gotta be safer about voicing your daydreams. Though I’d have to agree.. I would find it irresistible to have them both. in such a manner.. mmpff bunny and kitty..

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