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She acted like a real big sis for a moment.

Kind of but still doubting poor Quick like he would dare do something to her knowing the consequences

Nah, Reiko knows full well that Quick wouldn’t have done anything had he woken up in that position. What he would have done wasn’t the point. The point was that if he HAD done something, Jazmin wouldn’t have stopped him because, while she’s too responsible to initiate things as long as Quick is with Chrissy, a sizable part of her really wants to say to hell with the consequences.

In other words, if Quick had decided to be irresponsible (which they both know he wouldn’t have), Jazmin would have been equally irresponsible (which she ordinarily wouldn’t be, but she’s a horny bunny right now).

Awesome as always, but just a note. Please don’t screw up an awesome comic with faulty grammar/spelling.
It’s “Would have” and “Would you have”, not dialect or even slang “Would of” / “Would you of”, please. Just gives people stupid ideas. Ty

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