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First, it’s really nice to see Chrissy take the high road on this as she has every right to actually disrespect Mandy given their more recent history. It really speaks volume to her character.

Second, I’m actually surprised that I didn’t see this coming at all. I had no idea that Chrissy and Mandy were actually friends until the last page, and I sure didn’t expect Mandy to be envious and jealous of Chrissy and her family.
Third, okay, is it me or is Mandy bringing up Cody way too much?

Honestly I do think she deserved to be hit at least once, especially since she’s been nothing but horrible up until this point as far as we know.

Much more than that as she Basically Thought She Was Better Than Chrissy,
And the real loser is her still living at home and not being independent at her age
I thought she’d have a black eye or busted nose not just some heavy hand slap

I am slightly surprised that the perpetrator of the assault is her mother and not an angered boyfriend or ex-boyfriend. Family feuds take on a more twisted and complex character, making understanding and resolution more elusive. Now I am a little curious if Mandy’s from a broken home and how that came to pass.

The thing is that despite the fact that Chrissy is being nice to her she still is copping an attitude being jealous of Chrissy for living in a happy home

Having met and became acquainted with several people from Detroit, Stockton, and Compton, most people living in those dire circumstances and dangerous neighborhoods are extremely jealous of people raised in safe neighborhoods and families that have married and loving parents that live under the same roof. I can admit I’ve lived a sheltered life and thank the Gods I was born so lucky. I can understand why Mandy is a little jealous of Chrissy’s sheltered upbringing.

Not so sheltered As At Least Chrissy has not been much of a whiny girl that crumbles to pieces at any sign of trouble,
Amanda on the other hand has not gone thru hardships like being independent like Chrissy that at least she is living “alone” in campus
Wouldn’t you say

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