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No you bet someone else last page for 500 so you lost

Chrissy’s dad must be some kinda scarey badass

Possibly because of all the other guys trying to “marry” his wife (Josh included) so he’s not having that

Dude, his wife is supermodel material in that world and if furries truly existed in our world she would be supermodel material here…. seriously, luckiest guy in the world…

Well now we also see where a good portion of Crissy’s loos come from. seems she takes after her dad pretty heavily in the face I would say. The cute most certainly comes from mom cause she sure didn’t get daddy’s Jedi mind powers. I half expected him to say “you want to go home and rethink your life.”

Mr. McCloud is a total boss :O

Which begs the question of how will Quick fare when meeting him when the time comes

personally i still say quick and jazmin should be together, the pairing is so much better than quick and chrissy… plus josh seems a bit more… emotional towards her than quick is…. also i think quick is just confused more than anything and jaz basically is gonna kidnap him if chrissy messes up 😮

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