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Oh NO!


Well everyone look at the bright side of this outing training at least we’ll get to see how Quick can “defend” himself (even holding back some) because if you guys/gals know Quick when he’s serious there’s more to him than he let’s on yknow

Yeah, Its been a while so I don’t remember if he ever got into a scuffle or not, but we know he’s in better shape than most so I wouldn’t doubt it.

Only 2 times it got presented that he was gonna go postal on someone but it didn’t come to pass and only Ravin appeared once to do a scuffle and that was it, so it would be cool to actually see some mild action outta somebody
Cause we’ve seen Jaz’s battle aura 2 times and Rei’s once

Well, I must say that Quick does look good in his Goku outfit. But let’s remember that Goku’s uniform was made with weighted clothing. I don’t think Quick would be able to move if his clothes were weighted as such, but let’s not be surprised if Jazmin’s outfit is…

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