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He’s falling into those eyes, and will never want to climb out. To quote ElfQuest : “Soul meets Soul when Eyes meet Eyes.” .

Perhaps Quick should think about being in a polyamorous relationship with both Chrissy and Jasmine; if both of the girls agree, of course.

I seriously don’t think that will happen. Jasmine is a very different person than her sister, and I suspect that she’s more interested in a monogamous relationship. Chrissy has far too many issues to be comfortable with a poly relationship. And somehow, I don’t think Quick has the mentality for it either.

Plus, poly relationships are hard, harder than monogamous ones, because any potential issues are multiplied by the number of partners involved. They can be very rewarding, but you have to work much harder for it.

So you can either:
A – Maintain a healthy and loving relationship with Chrissy. Maybe marry her. Have a beautiful family.
B – You can cheat. Live that ‘kite runner shame’ for as long as you can bottle it. Break up with Chrissy, move to Japan, raise your kids to be ninja warriors, and then you and Skye can be BROTHER IN-LAWS!

C – Date Jazmin, maybe get married have awesome beautiful ninja kids. Run the best dojo/school ever.
And Now! :
D – Date someone else, possibly become a juggalo and accidentally get a client preggers.
???? :
E – Somehow end up dating Mora, get ass kicked by Minos.
F – Become Super Pimp.

I actually had two girlfriends at once one time, though with the second one I saw her more as a little sister, someone to protect, I only agreed to have her as a girlfriend because I didn’t want to hurt anyone, I eventually broke it off with her and we’re still happy as friends, and yes, they knew about each other and were happy to share me

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