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Two Months? Has she been going to her classes? Also did she cut her hair?

Yay! That’s the spirit! ^^
Even though I like Quick and Chrissy being together, I’d really like see him getting with Jazmin, she really needs some love and a good mate to hold her dear.
Well, that I come to think about it, Chrissy needs one too.
Damn, there’s always that choice and rarely people are willing to try and share the happiness.. (I mean for the three of them to be together)

There’s some grammar you need to fix mastergodai:

“I’m not saying to go break them up just let your feelings known” try having her saying “I’m not saying to go break them up just let your feelings be known” you forgot to put “be” after feelings or have her say this “I’m not saying to go break them up just let your feelings be heard” which goes well with the sentence.

“Yes, go on baby girl. Follow your heart, be a homewrecker!”

I thought we wrapped this up, why are we encouraging Jazmin to persuade Quick when he’s already rejected her? (Though I guess that comment about “if it weren’t for Chrissy, he would’ve fallen for her” is painfully misleading) I have no preference over Quick x Jazmin or Quick x Chrissy, but he’s in a relationship with someone right now. It’s incredibly disappointing to see that the plot is still being dragged into this “will they or won’t they” storyline. Why aren’t we instead encouraging Jazmin to move on and follow her dreams/love herself? Some of the characters (like Jazmin) are quite likable, but this is weak storytelling. I keep hoping for some development beyond the relationships between these characters, but ah.. I guess it’s more interesting to watch a generic love triangle unfold.

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