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wow 300 Pages I’ll be honest This is Hands down the most I’ve dedicated to a comic Ever and Its Been and still is One Hell of a fun ride.
I’d Like to thank the Folks over at Petite Symphony for giving me a head start on this crazy ride . SoulKat for Bringing me onboard to
the Katbox and Helping me whenever i needed it .Mihari for her hard work and dedication not only to My Comic but to the entire katbox as
a whole. Chalo who has been a huge inspiration to me.TonyG who has helped me with the colors for KnuckleUp and the bonus Comics.
All the other awesome Katbox artists and affliliates can’t ask for a nicer group of friends.and of course to All of you Awesome readers

I know i’m not the greatest writer and artist out there but I do hope that I at least made you laugh.



You are very modest as you are doing what Fred Perry does and that is bring quality fun/entertainment to us all and we stick with you through all the good times and the zany ones with your characters antics my friend, here’s hoping for another 100 more pages or so

am I in heaven??????????

Keep up the good work Godai! I’ve been with this comic since page 172! Sorry that I haven’t been able to support you on the epic journey of sexiness but my money issues have kept me from giving you any donation amounts that I would prefer to give. But no matter… Keep up the awesome work because you have fans who are looking for sexy bunnies and funny times 😀

Rest assured, Godai, you are FAR from the worst writer and artist I’ve seen. I’ve seen some artists and writers that were so bad, I had to FORCE myself to read more than 10 pages. I’ve enjoyed almost every one of the previous 300 pages and I’m looking forward to reading all of them until I catch up to the current page.

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