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10 years

10 years published on 24 Comments on 10 years

Hey Everyone,

It’s been a hell of a ride these past years, and I want to thank all of you for sticking with me and reading. Even those that gave up and moved on. Thank you for a least giving the comic a try.  I’ve always wanted to do this since high school when I read my very first manga comic Ever  Rumiko Takahashi’s Ranma 1/2. I then went on to Read another one of her masterpieces  Maison Ikkoku. After those two comics, She became an inspiration to me and I wanted to strive to do a series that was drawn and written by me. Granted, there has been some Ups and downs and there were times when I just wanted to say F*ck it! and give up. but my friends and Family encouraged me to do otherwise. Like I always said I know the comic is not perfect and I know it may seem like I’m not listening to some criticisms (Trust me I am). making a comic series is not easy I know to some it seems easy but One thing I have learned is that it Definitely is not. but I will say this I have learned a lot from the critics both Harsh and Constructive. and  I will try my best to deliver more laughs and fewer plotholes. Look forward with the Reboot of Zero 6 and Goyoku coming later this year.


till then, Godai (Kelvin Challenger)


1. Hope that’s not Chrissy.
2. You’re a Fan of Ranma 1/2? It clearly shown with Shiro.
3. I can’t wait to see more of your comics (and maybe normal girls like Chrissy, Raven, and Jazmin).

Ngl, I initially came here years ago because I saw a post on FB mentioning an MLP reference in the comic, so I looked it up and read through to find it.

I ended up completely forgetting what it was on, to check for the reference(I think), and now I can never leave as I have grown attached to these characters. I’m like a Wlaking Dead fan except minus the depression caused from the show.

i have been reading this comic for quite a while…i’m not sure if it was right from the beginning or not, but i do know it was early on. i’ve had some laughs and been annoyed at the behaviors of some of the characters. i do know that as an artist continues to make their comic their art style will evolve with time and though i think things definitely look better than they did at first i kind of feel like the comic followed Chalo’s example and you ended up giving all the girls too big of curves. looking back at the body shapes in Chalo’s earlier work and now…i’m kind of saddened how some of his characters turned out and am *really* hoping the girls in your comics don’t just become walking boobs like some of his characters… =/

Congrats on 10 years, MasterGodai! Here’s to 10 more! I discovered this comic a few years ago, oddly enough, from the spinoff comic, KnuckleUp (which I hope gets continued soon; I want to see if Hawke can break the spell that was cast on all of his/her friends).

Either way, I cannot wait to see what you have in store for the future!

I will never stop reading! It’s like an addiction now. It’s even more interesting with the slice of life going on in a world that does have a background of some insane things that have happened back then with the Primes and all. Loving it as always!

10 years of madness and fun. This comic has in my opinion been nothing but wonderful. The funny moments and serious moments mix together to create a unique story combining the slice of life college setting with so many other things, that I can’t name them all. The last 10 years have been fun and looking forward to more and the reboots.

Heya Godaikun I’m truly grateful to be a fan of your comics for the longest time when your Rascals was around issue about 8 or 10 seen the evolution of your art style plus the good times when we were able to contribute to your story when you had a chance to insert our characters into the story to help move it along, so glad to be a part of your Story and the way you move on forward despite people’s complaints on content and character development

I have been reading since year 1, but not the very beginning unfortunately. Your comic is part of a Friday afternoon ritual of browsing my comic list fit their weekly (maybe) updates. I’m very glad you stuck it out this far as most comics don’t. Here’s looking forward to the 20yr celebration! Btw, i have to agree that the boob proportions are getting it of hand. I prefer the mix of large and small as it fits the girls vs runaway enlargements like Las Linda’s

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